Anton in Show Business (18-29 Jan 11)

Warehouse Studio Theatre

A smart, acerbic crowd pleaser…. Simultaneously a love letter and a poison pen letter to the American theatre.” Variety.

So well written that you won’t have to know a thing about Three Sisters in order to laugh your way through the evening. The writing is sharp, knowing, and cuts to the quick.”

George Heymont, My Cultural Landscape

This madcap comedy follows three actresses across the footlights, down the rabbit hole and into a strangely familiar Wonderland that looks a lot like American theatre the resemblance is uncanny! Holly Seabé is a gorgeous TV star pursuing the cache stage acting can give her to help her land a movie role. Casey Mulgraw, the “Queen of Off-Off-Broadway,” has performed in 200 productions without pay. Lisabette Cartwright, a recent graduate of the Southern Methodist University theatre program, seeks a meaningful experience in theatre.

As these women pursue their dream of performing Chekhov in Texas, they’re whisked through a maelstrom of “good ideas” that offer unique solutions to the Three Sisters need to have life’s deeper purpose revealed. In the tradition of great backstage comedies, Anton in Show Business conveys the joys, pains and absurdities of “putting on a play” at the turn of the century.