Oscar and the Lady in Pink (19-30 January 2010)

The Warehouse Studio Theatre, Rue Waelhem 69A, 1030 Brussels
19-23 & 26-30 Jan 2010 at 8pm 

This poignant and funny story follows the friendship between Oscar, a 10-year old leukemia patient who lives in a hospital, and “Pink Lady” Granny Rose, former lady wrestler and hospital volunteer. The course of their friendship, including Granny Rose’s wrestling reminiscences and her advice to Oscar about his relations with hospital friends, forms the substance of Oscar and the Lady in Pink. Originally a short novel by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, prolific French author and playwright, the text was transformed into a long monologue for the theatre several years ago, and is currently being made into a film.

Following the BATS production in Antwerp last March, by popular request the ATC now brings Oscar to Brussels, directed by Malinda Coleman and performed as a monologue, a veritable tour-de-force, by Ruth England.