Beginners and Advanced Beginners Improv Workshops

September 28 & 29 2013, Warehouse Studio, 69A rue Waelhem, Schaerbeek

10:00-15:00, both days, fee: €75. (One day only fee is €40)

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Beginners: if you’ve never improvised before, this is your chance to get over stage fright, unlock your creativity and discover the wonderful world of improvisational theatre… You’ll be amazed at what you and your fellow participants will be able to create.

 Advanced Beginners: if you’ve already done a few workshops, join the ‘advanced beginners’ for an intensive improv weekend which will build on your skills and teach you new games! Be prepared to challenge yourself and to laugh a lot.

About the instructors

rod_bio picRod Ben Zeev

Rod Ben Zeev has been performing, directing and teaching impro for over twelve years on four continents in three languages to audiences aged 5 to 95. In 2002 he began a program in Chicago teaching and performing with senior citizens. He’s performed with Boom Chicago and at many festivals like the Chicago Improv Festival, Impro Amsterdam, Out of Bounds, the San Francisco Improv Festival, the Boston Improv Festival, Slapdash in London and the Finland International Improv Festival. He is also a regular guest performer with Three Falling and Lama Alpaca in Tel Aviv. Here’s a link to a workshop he did in Kenya when he had a lot of hair.

 Anne de Graaf

anne solo2Anne de Graaf is an experienced drama teacher currently living in Amsterdam. She’s born and raised in the Netherlands, but lived in New York where she worked as a drama therapist. Currently she’s an actress at Easylaughs, an international improv group, and the owner of Artifact Amsterdam where she teaches drama to kids and teens in English. She’s been performing since she was 10 years old and teaching improv for over 5 years in both English and Dutch